Husqvarna Viking #1+


Janome 5700

One Machine- Great Sewing & Embroidery

The Viking Husqvarna #1+ combines beautiful built-in decorative stitches with both Pictogram™ machine embroidery elements in unlimited combinations and Omni-motion™ feeding system stitches tp create fabric embellishments uniquely yours. Beautiful sewing has never been easier:

  •   Self-adjusting tension
  •   Information and program displays
  •   Needle stop
  •   Low bobbin indicator

Use Omnigram™ machine embroidery designs in sizes up to 60 mm or combine them to create repeatable stitches in unlimited widths.

From heirloom sewing to home decorating, the #1+ combines every beautiful stitch conceivable and places them at touch-of-a-button convenience. Newly designed heirloom and decorative stitches like entredeaux and scalloped edging in several styles enable you to personalize your projects at a touch.

The #1+ comes with stitch selection, dual lights for high visibility, self-adjusting tension, full range of presser foot pressure control, the Sewing Advisor™ to automatically select the best stitch, tension, foot and needle for you, the Infodisplay™ window to show you settings your machine automatically makes, Programdisplay™ to see your stitches and combinations before you sew, a wide range of decorative stitch cassettes, detachable embroidery. unit, computer software for digitizing your own designs and much more.

      Viking #1 Plus

          Many Machines In One
Husqvarna Viking  #1+
  Viking Sewing Advisor™
  • Always active.
  • Sets correct length and width.
  • Sets correct tension.
  • Sets buttonhole for fabric weight & type.
  • Remembers settings for the future.
  • Interacts with the Programdisplay & Infodisplay.
  • Advises when a fabric and technique are not compatible.
  • Eliminates looking up settings in instruction book.
  Truly Automatic
  Self-Adjusting Tension
  • Sets tension for all sewing techniques and fabrics.
  • Never worry about tension again.
  • See stitches, programs, and letters before you sew. Even shows stitch changes you make.
  • Saves time and eliminates errors.

    Tells you everything you need
    to know to sew
  • Needle Stop: For easy pivoting and easy removal of a project.
  • Sewing Speed: Sew any of three different speeds.
  • Stop function for single pattern and tie off: Sew one pattern at a time for tacking or decorative.
  • Low bobbin indicator: Tells you when you are running out of thread, change the bobbin without missing a stitch.
  • Digital stitch length: Change length at the touch of a button.
  • Correct presser feet and pressure: Suggests correct pressure and presser foot.
  • Presser foot up warning: Beeps when your presser foot is up and won't let you sew.
  • Feed teeth position indicator: Indicates when to lower feed teeth.
  • Digital stitch width: Change width at the touch of a button.
  • Cording or stabilizer recommendation: Suggests type and size of needle for different fabrics.
  • Twin needle safety feature: Limits the width to 3 for twin needle sewing.
  • Needle size and type recommendation: Suggests the type and size of needle for different fabrics. Sewing function: Normal, Program, or Repeat: Selection button for sewing and programs.
  • Memory button: Select from nine permanent memories.
  Pictogram™ Embroidery
  • Easy machine embroidery for embellishment.
  • Unlimited motif possibilities.
  • Repeatable perfection.
  • Monograms made in any size.
  Eleven Buttonhole Styles
  • Perfect buttonholes for every fabric and style of garment.
    • Easiest one-step buttonhole with buttonhole
    • Sensor foot. Measures buttonhole for perfect sizing
  One Touch Direct Stitch
  Selection For all stitches
  • Touch the picture of the stitch and sew it instantly.Easiest on the market.
  • No need to enter a corresponding number or touch a button several times to select a stitch.
  Automatic Bobbin Thread Pick Up
  • Saves time, never bring up bobbin thread again!
  Pre-Programmed Applique
  • Three preset widths of satin stitch available at the touch of a button.
  • Preset tapered satin stitch with ability to elongate or shorten, creates instant monograms and tapers in a variety of widths.
  Three Convenient Thread Cutters
  • Upper thread cutter/holder quickly cuts threads and holds in proper place for starting next seam.
  • Bobbin thread cutter cuts and holds in proper position for starting the next seam.
  • Bobbin winder cutter makes bobbin winding quick and easy.
  Dual Lights
  • Lights entire surface with no shadows.
  • Provides light for needle threading and sewing surface.
  • Provides more light than any other machine.
  Jam-proof Bobbin
  • Eliminates time consuming thread jams.
  Made In Sweden
  • Quality workmanship, parts and materials.
  Complete Machine Updateability
  • New cassettes not only add stitch capability, but update existing stitches, the Sewing Advisor, and the Infodisplay. Your Viking is never outdated.
  Nine Permanent Memories
  • Needs no batteries.
  • Save stitch combinations, Pictograms, buttonholes, monograms, and other programs for future sewing.
  • Program 63 stitches or letters in each memory, up to 567 possibilities.
  Side to Side and End to End Mirroring
  • No need to feed bulk of fabric through the arm of the machine.
  • Twice the decorative program stitch possibilities.
  Four Letter Styles:
    B2-Outline Block
  • Sign, Date, label and monogram.
  Large Omnigram Motifs
  • One step decorative motif to decorate crafts or garments.
  Instant and Continuous Reverse
  • Tie off, mend finish fast and easy. Sews all stitches in reverse.
  25 Needle Positions
  • Accurate topstitching, quilting, zipper insertion and edge stitching.
  Portable carrying case,
  comfortable handle, cord
  winder, and cord storage
  • Easily Portable.
  Low Bobbin Indicator
  • You always know when your bobbin is almost empty.
  Swept-Back Design
  • Never overwind bobbins.
  Replace full bobbin in the
  middle of work
  • When low bobbin is indicated, lower the needle into the fabric, remove the bobbin, replace with full bobbin. No need to break the top thread or remove work.
  Pretension thread guide
  • Handles all specialty threads perfectly.
  One Piece aluminum casting
  • Lightweight and strong.
  Cross Stitch, Feather Stitch,
  Heirloom stitches
  • Imitate fine handwork quickly and easily.
  • Increase the size of satin edges, tapers, and satin stitches without changing the density of the stitch. Elongate from 1 to 8 times.
  Winds Bobbin from the Needle
  • No need to unthread and rethread your Viking.
  Open threading
  • Thread needle fast and easy.
  Top thread sensor
  • Stops sewing when top thread runs out or breaks.
  White behind the needle,
  Needle threader
  • Thread needle without hassle.
  Snap on and off feet
  • Change presser feet effortlessly.
  On/Off Power and light
  • Safe around children and pets.
  Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Sews all fabrics evenly. Reduce for knits, quilting, and maneuverability around corners for applique and decorative sewing.
  Drop Feed
  • Easy button sewing and freehand work.
  Swept back design
  • Comfortable sewing, easy to see settings. Ergonomically designed.
  Slide-on accessory tray
  • A place for everything; prevents loss.
  Free arm
  • Sew sleeves, pant legs, children's wear, easily.
  Slide-on flatbed extension (optional)
  • Larger flat surface for big projects.
  Built-in cm/inch conversion ruler
  • No need to guess on measurments.
  Twin needle safety
  • Never break twin needles again.
  Large foot control
  • Comfortable controlled sewing.
  Electronic power/speed control
  • Sew slow or fast as needed through any fabric. Same penetration at any speed.
  Simple to program
  • Fast easy entering of stitches and letters.
  Over 30 (optional) accessory feet available
  • Make sewing techniques even easier and more accurate.
  Viking Owner's Handbook
  • Loose-leaf binder to help you learn to use your Viking to the fullest.
  More room between right side
  of Viking and needle
  • More room for large projects and quilts.
  8 direction sewing
  • Combine stitches to any width, sew in any direction.
  4 way mending stitches
  • Mend without turning the fabric.